Yearly expected new RB


New RB cases welcomed in 2022

54 + ? = 54

RB teams in the Country Nairobi: 1

Eldoret: 1

Kisumu: 1

Mombasa: 1


Kenyatta National Hospital

Moi Teaching referral hospital Kisumu Provincial hospital Coast General Teaching referral Hospital

Available treatment modalities Intravenous chemotherapy Yes and yes
Enucleation Yes and yes
Eye salvage Yes and no
Intra-arterial chemotherapy Yes (private practice hospital) and no
Teams members Ophthalmologists trained on RB -    Kahaki Kimani (Participate to the program)

-    Lucy Njambi

Ocular prosthetists -    John Kariuki (Training ongoing)
Paediatric oncologists -    Jessie Githanga

-    Irene Nzamu Mbinya

Pathologists -     Wairimu Waweru
Equipment available and functional Laser Diode + Helmet 1
Operating microscope + Adapter 0
Fundus Camera 0 (services already existed)
Cryo machine 1 (services already existed)
Surgical box (enucleation) 0 (services already existed)
Indirect ophthalmoscope 1 (services already existed)
Ocular prosthesis + consumables 0 (to be implemented soon)
²RB early diagnosis activities Ocular primary healthcare No
Childhood primary healthcare Yes
General population Yes
RB Genetics Laboratory : Kenyatta National Hosp Yes